Bulls in the Bronx | Pierce the Veil


It only takes a couple of seconds and clicks of the mouse. We have an actual opportunity to play this year’s festival. Right now, we’re in the top 20 out of hundreds upon hundreds of bands all across the nation! But we need to break the top 10 for serious consideration. I could literally die happy…

How I Want Ya (feat. Lara Wilson) | J-man

Little Bit | Lykke Li

Timez Are Weird These Days

I Stand Alone  | Theophilus London

Continued Silence - EP

Demons | Imagine Dragons

Growing in the Cold

Life Is Rosy | Jess Penner

My Body | Young the Giant

It’s Not True | William Fitzsimmons

You guys needs to listen to this!^^


Killer | Fazer

Deconstructed EP

The Harold Song (Deconstructed) | Ke$ha

If you were a movie, this would be your soundtrack

Scene Two - Roger Rabbit | Sleeping With Sirens